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Concours d'Elegance of America selects classes for 2012 event

Wed, 05 Oct 2011

The Concours d'Elegance of America has announced classes for its 2012 event in Plymouth, Mich., where more than 300 cars are expected to be on display.

July is several months away, but here are some highlights you can look forward to through the impending winter:

-- American classics from 1928 to 1934: While the Great Depression crippled automotive sales, it also motivated designers to work even harder to attract buyers' attention. Some beautifully crafted custom coaches sprung from this period.

-- American Classics from 1935 to 1942: With the Depression subsiding, cars took on a less antique feel and began to adopt styling cues from airplanes. Chassis became more streamlined, with sloped exteriors and integrated headlights.

-- Trans-Am, mainly 1966 to 1972: When race cars still looked like road cars with a slight makeover, some very interesting and noteworthy American ponies and European marques emerged to fill the segment.

--Can-Am from 1966 to 1986: Revolutionary materials were used in sports-car development for the Canada-American racing series, including titanium and carbon fiber. Manufacturers such as McLaren and Porsche were among the first race cars to sprout wings, turbocharge their engines and take aerodynamics into account.

--Jaguar and Corvette: Look out for some of the finest early specimens from these brands, displayed head to head.

--Three-Wheel Motorcycles: Vintage three-wheelers will be present, each offering uniqueness in design, historical significance, original condition or restoration.

Traditional classes include:

-- Pioneers Pre 1900

-- Gaslight 1900-1914

-- Jazz Age 1915-1928

-- Duesenberg Model J

-- Auburn Cord

-- American Popular 1928-1942

-- American Classic Closed 1928-1942

-- American Classic Open 1928-1934

-- American Classic Open 1935-1942

-- Pre-War European

-- Pre-War Sports

-- American Post-War 1946-1959

-- American Post-War 1960-1970

-- American Muscle

-- Post-War Sports 1946-1959

-- Post-War Sports 1960-1970

-- Post-War European 1946-1959

-- Post-war European 1960-1970

Featured classes include:

-- Can-Am

-- Trans-Am

-- Slingshot Rails

-- Jaguar and Corvette

-- Station Wagons

-- Micro Cars

-- Three-Wheel Motorcycles

-- Supercars

-- Featured Designer

Many invitations have been mailed for the event, and the selection process is under way. Nomination forms are available at, as well as ticket information and updates over the coming months. Applications received before Dec. 31 will be reviewed on a priority basis.

By Michelle Koueiter