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DMC teases 988hp Aventador Edizione GT

Thu, 02 Jan 2014

We’ve featured DMC Luxury a time or two before here on MSN Cars – this German tuner is especially known for interfering with Lamborghinis and first caught our eye with its striking Molto Veloce Aventador. Now, with the imminent introduction of what it’s calling the Edizione GT, DMC has really got our attention.

Details are so far scarce. And you’re right to call the pictures in the gallery above renders, because that’s exactly what they are. But when we tell you the model’s full name is the DMC Luxury Aventador LP988 Edizione GT you might start to see why we’re coming over all jelly-like.

DMC is about to release an Aventador with nearly 1,000hp

Yes. Just like Lamborghini, the ‘LP’ number refers to the horsepower.

Which means that DMC is about to release an Aventador with nearly 1,000hp.

While the official ‘teaser’ announcement is unwilling to confirm that 988hp figure, it links through to DMC’s Flickr page, where corroboration is plain to see. Exactly how the power increase has been achieved remains a mystery at this stage, but at least the output goes some way towards justifying Edizione GT’s appearance.

It is, to say the least, a rather aggressive-looking machine. A ‘true monster’ as the tuning firm puts it.

In fact, DMC explains the design has been influenced by a combination of FIA racing regulations and Lamborghini’s own 750hp limited edition Aventador-based Veneno hypercar.

Fortunately, the Edizione GT hasn’t gone too far down the latter route – surely there’s only so much ugly to go around, after all – and, anyway, it offers an astonishing 238hp more than Lamborghini’s own ultra-exclusive horror show.

But what you do get are heavily sculpted panels, new bumpers and an enormous amount of additional aerodynamics.

DMC Luxury

The front splitter is huge, the adjustable rear wing like a pram handle, the rear diffuser looks like the world’s angriest public address system, and the scoop just behind the roof feeds air directly into the engine. No doubt it’s excessive, yet it’s all been carried out with a good degree of panache.

The mods cost £175k, roughly the same as a whole new Lamborghini Huracan

Usually DMC’s visual modifications are designed in such a way that the car can be returned to standard come resale time, though there’s no word yet on whether that’s the case here.

What we do know, however, is the price. Grab a seat. Or at least be standing near something soft.

The bodykit alone is set to cost an eye-watering $89,990 (around £55,000) while the proposed engine work – whatever it is exactly – has been priced at $134,530 (£81,550).

That’s a grand total of $288,888 all in. Or £175,000 in our money – roughly what we’re expecting Lamborghini to charge for an entire Huracan, the recently announced replacement for the Gallardo.

The DMC Luxury Aventador LP988 Edizione GT had better be really special in reality, then…

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By CJ Hubbard, contributor, MSN Cars