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Dacia Duster SUV already selling well in UK

Mon, 29 Oct 2012

Despite no one in the UK yet having the chance to see or drive the new Dacia Duster SUV, Renault has taken over 1,000 orders.

Renault has revealed that the Duster is selling well ahead of its arrival in the UK, despite none of its dealers having their own Duster to coax buyers in to a purchase. In the 100 days since the order book for the Dacia opened, Renault has taken more than 1,000 orders from all round the UK.

The Dacia – which is being built for the UK RHD market in India, where it’s taken over 20,000 orders in three months – is selling best in Wales, and the Scots are close behind after the Duster took the Scottish Car of the Year Award.

But the Duster is selling well in England too – with one in six opting for the entry-level £8,995 model – with Liverpool taking the lead as an English Dacia sales hot spot.

Renault say that even through one in six have opted for the entry-level 2WD model, a full third are going for the 4WD version of the Duster and the model with the single biggest order number is the range-topping Laureate version.

All of which should shake up the compact SUV market quite a bit.

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