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Dacia Duster polishes up for Geneva

Mon, 02 Mar 2009

The Funky Dacia Duster Concept


OK, I’m sorry. The pun was hard to resist. And if you’re going to call your car the Dacia Duster, what do you expect?!

Anyway, lots of you may not even have heard of the Dacia, much less the Duster, or it may just ring a faint bell as one of those Eastern European brands. Well, you’re almost right. Dacia is in fact Renault’s Romanian brand. A bit like VW’s Skoda. And if this concept is anything to go by Dacia might well be giving its parent a run for its money, at least on the style front.

Looking very funky, with interesting swept-back headlights, interesting tail lights and lots of butch-looking kit. Inside is pretty interesting too, and as a real oddity, the passenger seat slides under the drivers seat to give you extra load space. Clever. There are of course the usual over the top concept car bits, that will never make it to production, like the huge wheels (which would probably cost as much as the car!) and the suicide doors at the back. But who knows?

The engine set-up is far from concept, and features the Renault 1.5 DCi four-pot diesel, with 105bhp, 0-60 in 9.5 and 44mpg

We’ve got to hand it to Renault/Dacia on this. This is one of the most interesting crossover concepts we’ve seen, and we’d like to see it carry over to production. Not that it will looking this funky, but it would be great if it does.

By Cars UK