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Daihatsu FC ShoCase

Mon, 14 Nov 2011

The FC ShoCase is the most unorthodox of the three concepts being previewed by Daihatsu prior to their unveil at the forthcoming Tokyo motoshow. The 'FC' in the name stands for fuel cell, and this concept is in essence a technology demonstrator for the company's next generation technology, which use no precious metals in their construction.

Sitting – like its concept siblings – under the Kei car classification (it is just 3395mm long), the FC ShoCase nonetheless has space for four occupants, seated in exceptionally thin seats that fold down to create a secondary floor. The cabin floor of the vehicle itself is flat, to show-off the potential benefits created by fuel cell propulsion technology packaging.

A water theme (a further nod to hydrogen) is rather literally applied through use of screens and graphics featuring the liquid, but the overall exterior form has an appealing architectural, graphical quality that only Japanese manufacturers appear to successfully be able to capture; it speaks of Tokyo's streetscape vernacular in its purest form. Dominated by sheer surfaces, the mono-box upper cabin form sits on top of a lower platform the reminds us of the 'skateboard' of GM's autonomy. This houses the tiny wheels, and hydrogen fuel cells. Access to the passenger space is via a full-length, top hinged door.

Photo Gallery: Daihatsu FC ShoCase