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De Tomaso SLS / De Tomaso SLC / De Tomaso something else: More photos

Sat, 26 Feb 2011

The De Tomaso Concept is now the De Tomaso SLS Concept

It’s taken a lot of years for someone with a decent level of backing to take on the De Tomaso brand once again. But octegenarian Gian Mario Rossignolo – former Fiat Exec – has risen to the challenge.

The shame is he’s chosen a rather odd route to resurrection for a marque best known for combining American muscle with Italian flair – the crossover.

Where perhaps we’d have expected to see a 21st century Pantera, we see instead a car that resembles a cross between the gargantuan SUV concept from Lagonda and the BMW 5 Series GT, with a  dose of the Mitsubishi front ends thrown in for good measure.

And it also seems that Signore Rossignolo – despite his Fiat background – has a penchant for Mercedes acronyms. He introduced his new baby to the world as the De Tomaso SLC but he’s now decided - perhaps in an effort to seem contemporary – to change that to De Tomaso SLS. How peculiar.

We are promised a properly evocative name for the production version of the SLC/SLS, which we assume will be revealed at Geneva.

For now, in addition to the detail we had when this was the De Tomaso SLS, we have some new photos.

Sadly, it’s still not a looker.

By Cars UK