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Don’t text and drive says Volkswagen – very effectively (video)

Sat, 14 Jun 2014

Cinema goers in for a shock in VW’s don’t text and drive campaign

We’re not the biggest fans of putting drivers in a bubble of concentration behind the wheel, which is what law makers seem to be trying to do. Don’t take a sip from that water bottle, don’t change the channel on the radio, don’t have a conversation with your passengers, don’t smoke, don’t take hands-free phone calls – in fact, don’t do anything but drive.

But it’s a foolish trend as it’s the little things going on that keep drivers alert; focusing just on the driving is a sure fire way make drivers’ brains go in to a fug and lose concentration.

That said, there are some things that are just plain daft to do behind the wheel, like putting on makeup, reading a book, watching a film on a screen – or texting.

So Volkswagen has had a go at ramming home the message that texting and driving is a potentially fatal activity, and they’ve done it by frightening the life out of cinema goers in Hong Kong.

We won’t tell you how it works – you’ll need to watch the video (below) for that.

But it is very effective.

By Cars UK