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Electric Audi R8 – Electricity Untamed +Video

Thu, 03 Sep 2009

A Screenshot from the Audi Electricity Micro Site - One of the videos below.

Wishful thinking? Well, we thought there was certainly an element of that. But now we know for sure that Audi are planning on bringing something Electric and powerful to the Frankfurt Motor Show after they launched a new website teasing the power of electricity.

And how did we know they’d launched a new website? Interestingly, instead of sending out a press release it looks like Audi decided to pay visits to Cars UK from their site so it showed on our server log. Not just from the UK, but from the US and Germany too. Subtle. eh?

So what does the site say. It really just has a series of ‘Electricity Facts’ running through the screen. It tells us that electricity got ‘Stuck in Toothbrushes and Coffee Makers’ but that on 15th September it will ‘Run Wild & Free and Untamed‘.

Have a look at the Audi Electric Untamed Site and see for yourself. There are also a set of ‘Electricity’ Videos to view.

What do you reckon. Electric Audi R8 or something more prosaic?

By Cars UK