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Electric car world speed record – 307mph

Sat, 28 Aug 2010

The team from OSU celebrate their Electric Car World Speed Record

Perhaps we should change our minds.

We’ve always made it clear that we believe the only sensible use for an electric car – certainly a BEV (battery electric vehicle) – is as a city car. There it makes sense with its zero emissions at the point of use, and the limited range available – from anything remotely resembling a sensible-sized battery pack – is not a problem.

But if you get enough batteries together – and a big electric motor with a mass of torque – you can certainly have some fun on the Salts Flats of Bonneville. Just ask the team from Ohio State University, who’ve just set a new world record in their ‘Buckeye Bullet’ for a battery powered electric car with a two-way average of 307.66 mph and a top speed hit of 320mph.

Last year the ‘Buckeye Bullet’ had a fuel cell to provide the power and managed to hit 300.99 mph, but this year the team from OSU teamed up with EV maker Venturi and replaced the fuel cell with lithium-ion batteries from A123 Systems.

There was  hope that the Buckeye could do another run on the flats after upping the torque limit, but that proved a step too far as the extra torque ripped apart the ½” steel teeth that kept the motor connected to the gearbox. Wisely, the OSU team decided to call it a day for this year with a new world record  - although it still needs ratification from the FIA – under its belt.

OK, we concede there’s two uses for an electric car. And OSU’s looks the most fun.

By Cars UK