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Enzo Ferrari: Twin turbo & 1000 hp

Thu, 19 Aug 2010

1,000 hp twin turbo Salt Flats racing Enzo

There’s an argument that messing with a limited edition hypercar is sacrilege. And, to a degree, we sympathise with those who consider the pimping of an Enzo Ferrari by the likes of Uwe Gemballa to be akin to letting Damian Hirst paint a new set of clothes on the Mona Lisa.

But there are times when the reasons make a whole lot of sense. If the hypercar in question has been totalled then however good the repair is no one will want to buy it – 0r at least not at anything approaching its pre-prang value. So why not get a bit radical and see where you can push the hypercar envelope if your previously much lusted after pride and joy becomes about as saleable as a bacon sandwich in Golders Green?

That’s exactly what happened to Enzo owner Richard Losse who managed to write off his Enzo in the Utah Fast Pass Road Rally, which is a sort of ‘Pay to Play’ event where roads get closed to let cars frolic. Faced with a car which would be worth just a fraction of what it was even if returned to its former glory, Richard Losse decided to turn it in to a Bonneville Salt Flats Racer.

Fully rebuilt, the Enzo now boasts skinny tyres flush to the outside of the wheelarches, a re-profiled nose to stop it taking off at high speed and a twin-turbo setup which is currently provides around 850 hp with low boost, but which is expected to hit 1000 hp when the turbo wick is turned up.

The ‘Bonneville Enzo’ is expected to take to the Flats this weekend at the end of the annual¬†sacrament to speed which is ‘Speed Week’¬†at Bonneville.

We’ll let you know if the Bonneville Enzo managed to keep its wheels on the ground as soon as we know.

By Cars UK