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Eterniti Artemis – now on video

Wed, 25 Apr 2012

Eterniti Artemis now on Video

The Eterniti Artemis – previously known as the Hemera – is now officially revealed and here in action on video.

As we reported a few days ago, the Eterniti Hemera has become the Eterniti Artemis and arrived at the Beijing Motor Show to parade before its target market. And it’s not unimpressive.

Eterniti seem to have done a sterling job of creating new carbon fibre panels in which to clothe the Artemis (even if its Cayenne roots shine through as clearly as those on a bottle blonde); it looks aggressive, purposeful and appealing.

Likewise the interior on the Artemis appears properly bolted together and OEM in standard, even if the over-use of quilted leather does shout ‘Aftermarket’ and ‘Trying a bit hard’ and the boot will now only hold two cases of Krug instead of four.

Equally, the increase in performance from the Cayenne’s 4.8 litre turbo V8 is nice, if not startling. Gemballa and Merdad will deliver an eponymously-badged Cayenne with something north of 700bhp if you wish, so the 591bhp from the Artemis is modest by aftermarket levels.

But none of this matters, because Eterniti don’t really care what we think. And by ‘We’, we mean the West. Because the £252k Eterniti Artemis is aimed fair and square at the Chinese market with perhaps the odd car finding its way to the Middle East and Russia.

Which is a bit of a shame.


By Cars UK