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Eterniti Hemera – it IS a Porsche Cayenne

Fri, 09 Sep 2011

Eterniti Hemera - it's a titivated Porsche Cayenne

We did speculate from the start that the new car company that is Eterniti Motors is in fact a high-end customiser, and that its first ‘new’ car – the Eterniti Hemera – is just a customised Porsche Cayenne. And so it is.

Eterniti has release the first photos of the Hemera ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and at first view it could just as easily be a new Cayenne from Gemballa or Merdad.

Not that there’s anything wrong with customising a car as good as the Cayenne – Uwe Gemballa did it for years until his untimely death – but it’s hard to think of the Eterniti as a ‘new’ car.

Despite that, Eterniti are calling the Hemera the world’s ‘First Super-SUV’ and it will come lavishly equipped with a ‘limousine-like rear cabin with twin recliners, iPads and drinks chillers‘.

Eterniti say this will allow customers to treat the Hemera as a chauffeur car. But we have a Cayenne and the back isn’t exactly commodious in the way an S-Class or Flying Spur is and, for that matter, the Range Rover – never mind the 2013 Range Rover.

Instead of focusing on a slightly dubious advantage of paying twice as much for a Cayenne from Eterniti as you would from Porsche just so you can be chauffeured, perhaps Eterniti be better focusing on what should be decent performance from its tickled and boosted turbo V8 and its 620bhp?

Which is very impressive, but with the likes of Gemballa having turned out Cayennes like the  Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS with 750bhp on tap, it’s hardly a revolution.

Still, Eterniti seems to have a weight of financial backing and some high-profile names – like Johnny Herbert and Alastair Macqueen – to play with, and so probably offers a more reliable route to over-the-top customised Cayennes than any of the other players in the market.

More on the Eerniti Hemera from Frankfurt.

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