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Euro NCAP latest

Wed, 28 Feb 2007

By Jack Carfrae

Motor Industry

28 February 2007 10:12

Euro NCAP releases results on five new models

Should Euro NCAP recalibrate its results? We suspect it should, as virtually every new car launched these days scores a high four- or five-star overall rating for occupant protection. The new results announced today are no different:

Small family cars
Fiat Bravo: 5 stars (occupant safety), 3 stars (child safety), 2 stars (pedestrian safety)
Toyota Corolla saloon: 5 stars (occupant), 4 stars (children), 3 stars (pedestrian)

Small off-roaders
Honda CR-V: 4 stars (occupant), 4 stars (children), 2 stars (pedestrian)
Mitsubishi Outlander: 4 stars (occupant), 3 stars (children), 2 stars (pedestrian)

Executive Honda Legend: 5 stars (occupant), 4 stars (children), 3 stars (pedestrian)

Dig below the surface, though, and several disappointments emerge. Honda's new CR-V performed worse in the pedestrian impact test than its predecessor, scoring two out of four stars rather than three.

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By Jack Carfrae