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Ferrari 458 Spider driven by Fernando Alonso +video

Sun, 11 Sep 2011

Fernando Alonso drives the Ferrari 458 Spider

As the Ferrari 458 Spider gets closer to its official debut at Frankfurt this week, Ferrari are busy dropping bits of PR stuff to keep up interest. Today’s helping is Ferrari F1 driver Fernando Alonso having a play in Ferrari’s new convertible.

This is the first time we’ve seen Ferrari’s new drop-top on the move, and it looks every bit as good as it coupe sibling. Yes, the transparent engine cover has had to be sacrificed to accommodate the one-piece folding roof, but apart from that nothing much has changed.

It’s just possible that on track the coupe 458 will have the edge – thanks to a couple of RSJs stopping the back parting company with the front once the roof was taken off, and adding 50kg in the process – but in the real world you’ll never notice.

That means the glorious V8 sitting right behind your head – and sounding even more spine-tingling with a new exhaust and the roof gone – still manages to get to 62mph in 3.4 seconds, taking just 0.1 seconds more than the 458 Italia, and on to 198mph.

The downside is that the 458 Spider will cost more than the 458 Italia, but it should come in just about the right side of £200k. Mind you, you’ll probably add at least ten per cent to that once you’ve ticked a few option boxes. But if you were going to spend £180k on the 458 Italia, would an extra £20k put you off the Spider?

As we’ve said before, we can see 458 Italia sales plummeting once the 458 Spider hits showrooms.

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