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Ferrari 599 GTB Handling GTE Package – w/video

Thu, 16 Jul 2009

Ferrari has released details of the Handling GTE Package for the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

The 599 HGTE Package is going to be a dealer fit option – which means you can toddle along with the 599 you already own, fork out a King’s ransom and get ready to play. There are four parts to the handling kit, but you can’t actually get all four separately.

The handling part of the kit gives you:

The Performance part gives you:

N.B. The Performance kit cannot be installed on cars with manual gearboxes.

The exhaust part gives you:

The Exhaust kit is designed for:

vehicles that cannot receive the software updates listed in the Performance kit since the engine was produced before assembly number 122779 (pre-2008)

N.B. The Exhaust kit is included in the Performance kit, for cars post-2008.

And finally, you can play with the aesthetics:

Prices for the Handling GTE Package are:

Model Year Pre-2008:

Handling, Exhaust and Aesthetic kits £17,213


Handling, Performance, Exhaust and Aesthetic kits £19,703

And to give you some idea of what it all looks like, there’s a video below for your delight and delectation plus a selection of photos.

By Cars UK