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Ferrari 599 Hybrid at Geneva

Thu, 24 Dec 2009

The report of the Ferrari 599 Hybrid destined for Geneva

We know that Ferrari are doing what every other car maker is and working on systems to cut their average CO2 emissions, save a few bob and look a bit more ‘Eco’. There is already an electric Ferrari powertrain in development and Ferrari have in effect been trialing hybrid technology with their F1 cars equipped with KERS.

So it comes as no huge surprise that it’s being reported Ferrari are to bring a hybrid version of the 599 to the Geneva Motor Show next year.

It looks as if the KERS setup in the Ferrari 599 will utilise a lithium ion battery pack mounted at the side of the rear transaxle with an electric motor in the transaxle itself. Going off the size of the battery pack it’s clear that there is no intention that this hybrid will have either any sort of plug-in or electric-only mode, but will instead provide a boost in power, improved economy and a reduction in emissions.

In addition to the battery pack and electric motor the 599 hybrid will feature feature automatic stop start and regenerative braking. The boost in performance and the improvement in economy probably won’t be enough to stop the Ferrari nuts round the world declaring this to be¬†sacrilege, but it’s a sensible move by Ferrari, and as with all the mild hybrid systems which are cropping up it offers the Holy Grail – more for less.

By Cars UK