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Ferrari 599 Hybrid – it’s a very ‘Green’ Ferrari

Sat, 27 Feb 2010

The very green Ferrari 599 Hybrid at Geneva

To a die-hard petrol head, Ferrari lover or frankly anyone with a proper sense of right and wrong, the idea of a ‘Green’ Ferrari is anathema. Fortunately, although I suppose you could consider the Ferrari 599 Hybrid ‘Green’ in the sense that it will probably produce less CO2 (which is, of course, the single most important thing for  Ferrari), the performance of this 599 Hybrid  is going to be its forte, and the real green bit on this particular 599 Hybrid is the hideous paint job.

We’ve known for a while that Ferrari were working on a Hybrid, and we recently revealed it would be a hybrid version of the Ferrari 599. And you really can’t blame Ferrari with Governments continuing to impose CO2 targets on car makers and the whole maniacal green lobby condemning one and all for killing the planet. But this is Ferrari. Ferrari equals performance, so you wouldn’t really expect them to churn out a hybrid that didn’t perform. And they havenn’t.

It’s clear from the basics we know of the hybrid bits of this 599 that it will be more powerful than its conventionally driven sibling. It gets KERS to gather lost energy which it stores in a small set of batteries. The power stored can then be let loose when needed through the intervention of the electric motor, which we believe is good for an extra 100bhp in short boosts.

The 599 Hybrid will also get stop-start which will reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions. If we’re going down a hybrid route this is the way to go.

More details once Ferrari let loose the info on the 599 Hybrid officially.

By Cars UK