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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: New photos & video

Mon, 30 Jul 2012

With the first road tests and reviews of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta now hitting the web we have the latest photos and video of Maranello’s new car.

We really must make sure Ferrari FNEPR has our secret email to send us invites to their latest test drives. Somehow, we missed out on a trip to Maranello this weekend to drive the Ferrari F12berlinetta, Ferrari’s fastest road car ever.

Still, at least it meant we didn’t have to sit up until 4am waxing lyrically in to our laptops before getting up half an hour later to hop on a plane back to Blighty.

And anyway, we’d have been hard-pushed to get back from Maranello in time for the events in Horse Guards where, according to Boris, the Beach Volleyballers are “glistening like wet otters”.

But what we do have is a set of new photos of the F12 which, the consensus appears, is a stunning Ferrari; perhaps the best Ferrari road car ever. The praise seems to have been universal but we’ll have to wait until a friend of Cars UK gets his, when we’ve been promised an extended blat.

What we also have is a video of Messrs Massa and Alonso playing on the track in identical F12s, just to give a taste of what it’s like behind the wheel of the new Ferrari supercar. And that set us wondering.

Why don’t Ferrari offer a booster seat for the driver? Surely a nice fat booster cushion in Ferrari red with an embroidered Ferrari logo for a paltry €2k would make sure even F1 drivers could see out of the windscreen?

Just a thought.



By Cars UK