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Ferrari F150: New Enzo to cost €1-1.1m, 499 cars, delivery starts October 2013

Thu, 21 Feb 2013

The new Enzo Ferrari – the F150 – will arrive at Geneva, cost €1-1.1m Euros, just 499 will be built and delivery starts in October.

We know for sure that the new McLaren P1 will come with 903bhp courtesy of a ‘hybrid’ boost, and it seems likely the new Enzo – the Ferrari F150, until we get the proper name – will usurp that with somewhere between 920 and 950bhp from its V12 plus electric boost. But now we know a bit more.

The idea that the Ferrari F150 is ‘sold out’ is a fallacy, simply because it’s not for sale; the F150 is allocated to Ferrari’s ‘Special’ customers. Owners of a 250 GTOs (especially if they have a modern limited edition Ferrari), Ferrari ‘Clienti’ and those who Ferrari want to keep onside will get the F150. No one will be able to go and grab one from their local Ferrari dealer.

So, although much of the detail on the new Enzo is still on the missing list, we thought it would be sensible to talk to one of Ferrari’s favoured few to see what he’d been told when he was offered a new F150.

It seems Ferrari are pitching the F150 at €1-1.1 million Euros (plus tax), there will be just 499 cars built – a 100 more than the Enzo - and the first customer car will be delivered at the end of October 2013. Ferrari are planning to complete F150 production by the end of 2015.

There will be no ‘options’ on the F150 – apart from colours – although the nose lift system will be a delete option if owners don’t need it and they’re desperate to save the small amount of extra weight. But that doesn’t mean Ferrari won’t do exactly what you want if your pockets are deep enough. We’re also told that most of the functions in the cabin will be controlled by futuristic touchscreens.

The new Ferrari Enzo will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on a couple of weeks, and if you want one we’re told the bidding to grab one from an allocated owner is currently running about €200k over list.

By Cars UK