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Ferrari F70 (new Enzo) to get 920bhp

Sat, 18 Feb 2012

The new Enzo Ferrari - the Ferrari F70 - will get 920bhp

It’s reported that the replacement for the Enzo Ferrari – the Ferrari F70 – will get a V12 with KERS delivering 920bhp.

Georg Kacher is a man many of us grew up reading in CAR Magazine, a man who made the monthly cost of the mag a bargain all on his own (well, with LJK). So when Georg Kacher tells us that the new Ferrari F70 will have a V12 with 800bhp and a KERS package with an electric motor adding a further 120bhp, we believe him.

As far back as 2009 we reported that although, at that time, Ferrari were developing a turbo V8 for the F70, they were also developing an 800bhp V12 alongside. In 2009 Ferrari felt the world was moving so far against big V12s that they would have to opt for a turbo V8 for the F70.

But the heart at Ferrari was still in the big V12, and in October last year Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa confirmed the heart had won and the F70 would get the V12. Ferrarista rejoiced. And now the F70 is getting not just the 800bhp V12 we told you about in 2009, but a KERS package with a 120bhp as well – for a total of 920bhp – we hope the Ferrari anoraks won’t decry that as sacrilege.

As well as the total of 920bhp from its naturally aspirated, 7.3 litre V12, Georg says the carbon fibre F70 will come in at not much more than 1000kg, meaning it has every chance of being not just quicker off the line than a Bugatti Veyron, but potentially faster too. But Georg also says the F70 will almost certainly be the last V12 Ferrari, and the V8 turbo will be the way forward. Which is a shame, but the head has to win eventually.

We expect the new Ferrari F70 to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, and be the right side of €1,000,000.

Thanks, Georg.

By Cars UK