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Ferrari FF: Lust on a mountain top

Fri, 11 Mar 2011

Ferrari FF hitches a helicopter ride from the Italian Air Force

Ferrari are taking no chances on the Ferrari FF disappearing from view in the mass of launches and endless four wheeled objects of desire doing the rounds with the Geneva Motor Show still in full swing, so we’re getting lots of snippets of newsy stuff cropping up.

Today’s little snippet of newsworthy publicity for the Ferrari FF is a bit of video of the FF being airlifted to the top of a mountain by helicopter. Why, you may ask? Was it just because they could? No, there was a reason.

As you can’t have failed to notice, if you have any interest in the FF at all, Ferrari are obsessed with showing the FF traversing snowy landscapes at every given opportunity.

It’s clear Ferrari consider the FF to be the Ferrari SUV – or as close as such an abomination will ever come to existing at Maranello – and are determined we are all absolutely sure that the FF will do the ski-resort run just as well as the 4WD BMW, Audi and Mercedes Estates and the products of Land Rover.

And we’re going to continue getting that point rammed home as the Ferrari FF press test drives planned for next week are going to be at the Plan De Corones Ski Resort, which is why Ferrari has coerced the Italian Air Force in to airlifting the FF  2,350 metres up a mountain at Plan De Corones.

Stand by for more Ferrari in the snow stuff next week.

By Cars UK