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Ferrari FXX Evoluzione (2007): first official pictures

Mon, 29 Oct 2007

By Tim Pollard

First Official Pictures

29 October 2007 03:40

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione: when money really is no object

When Ferrari launched the FXX back in summer 2005, it claimed it would use client feedback and ex-works driver Michael Schumacher to develop the 'ultimate' Ferrari. Well, two years on, it's done just that. The result? The FXX Evoluzione, unveiled at the weekend. The real-world test programme is being extended until 2009, and all FXX models now get a series of handling and performance tweaks that change the car from being merely warp-speed fast to reaching full men-in-white-coats levels of mentality. That Schumacher has obviously got a lot of time on his hands nowadays...

Don't forget, this is no road car and never will be. It's based on the Enzo and every FXX edition is part of Ferrari's ongoing R&D programme - there are only 20 uber-clients who pay a small fortune to be part of it. So far, there have been just 28 track sessions in the FXX. So how is the FXX quicker? Well the 6.3-litre V12 can now rev 1000rpm higher to liberate more power, presumably sending the dyno into spasms with its 848bhp at a heady 9500rpm. Meanwhile gearchanges benefit from the tech on the 430 Scuderia, now taking a scant 60ms - a quarter faster than before. The car's electronic safety nets are being worked harder than ever, and the traction control system now has a mind-boggling nine different settings. Ferrari says it's so drivers can set the car up perfectly for each corner. But nine settings? We're glad we don't have to grapple with that much choice as we hurtle around Becketts...

By Tim Pollard