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Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta revealed

Sat, 12 Dec 2009

The Ferrari P450 Super Aperta created for US businessman Edward Walson

Special, one-off Ferraris are the preserve of the very wealthy. Whether they’re made by Ferrari or Pininfarina or Zagato, they command a price that is beyond the reach of mere mortals. Cars like the James Glickenhaus Ferrari P4/5 (and now the competizione version) cost millions. There are slightly cheaper custom Ferraris, such as the Ferrari 550 GTZ (exclusively revealed by Cars UK in October) produced by Zagato as a swansong Ferrari collaboration. But cheaper is just relative. The 550GTZ will still cost you over £1 million,  but there are five being built – so not completely exclusive and hence the ‘Bargain’ price.

As we said when we reported on the 550 GTZ Zagato, Ferrari are henceforth taking all special, one-off Ferraris in-house and there is no prospect of the great car design houses creating another Ferrari sanctioned special after the 550GTZ. And Ferrari has now revealed the first car to be produced by the Ferrari Special Projects program – the Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta.

The P450 Superfast Aperta was created for American businessman Edward Walson whose wealth emanates from his father’s creation – Cable TV. So the man can obviously fund a toy or three. This particular toy is based on a Ferrari 599 and inspired by a 1968 Fellini film called ‘Toby Dammit’, part of a trilogy based on Edgar Allan Poe stories which featured a gold coloured Ferrari designed by Carrozzeria Fantuzzi (no, we don’t know either).

The P450 was designed by Pininfarina with input from Edward Walson and built at Maranello. It’s road legal, the only one on the world and one hell of a Christmas present for the fortunate Mr Walson.

The Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta press release gives you all the bumph.

By Cars UK