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Ferrari electric 4×4 confirmed

Tue, 03 Nov 2009

The next generation Ferrari 612 will be offered with an electric 4x4 option.

Six months ago we reported that Ferrari were working on a four wheel drive system utilising electric motors to drive the front wheels. But Ferrari’s raison d’etre isn’t really about economy – although even they have to pass a nod to current eco concerns – rather about performance and handling. So that’s what the new electric 4×4 system of Ferraris will be – an aide to handling.

Autocar are now reporting that Ferrari has confirmed our story, although we’re not looking at this new hybrid 4×4 system turning up tomorrow but in 4 or 5 years time. It’s expected to make an appearance first of all on the replacement for the 612, but even then not at first but as an option later on.

The system utilises inboard electric motors on the front wheels offering significant improvements in off the line speed and giving the 612 – and other Ferraris as the system rolls out – the benefit of extra grip with the additional front wheel torque being carefully handled by the onboard electronics.

The next generation 612 will be the first of the next generation of V12, front-engined Ferraris and is expected to hit the motor shows in 2012. It will feature a longer, stiffer chassis which may accommodate not only the electric 4×4 technology but KERS as well. It is also expected to be much less conservative in design than the current 612 Scaglietti. Engines will be the V12 we expect, but there is a very good chance we could see a revised V8 providing the power when linked to the new 4×4 system.

By Cars UK