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Fiat 500C Convertible – The Video

Mon, 22 Jun 2009

The Fiat 500C Convertible is about to launch in the UK

Apart from a few decent days, Summer hasn’t really got under way in the UK. Or has it? In reality this is our Summer – grey days, rain and the odd ‘Phwoar – it’s too hot today!’. Which is probably why the UK loves its convertibles so much, and why we buy so many. Convertibles and real hot weather are a rotten mix. If it’s properly hot you want to be enclosed with the AirCon on full, not exposed to the sun. Not a problem in the UK.

So Fiat’s timing is pretty good, and with the UK market taking more convertibles than anywhere else in Europe, Fiat want to get the cars out on the road as quickly as they can. So you can be pretty sure there’ll be more hype around the 500C in the coming weeks. We’ve recently had the Fiat 500C Charity auctions, and there will be reports popping up everywhere on the 500C (including here), so you’ll have no excuse not to know it’s a great little car, and definitely worth a punt if you want an economical soft-top for ‘Summer in the City’.

Just as a reminder, UK prices for the Fiat 500C start at £11,300 for the Fiat 500C Pop, and go up to £14,100 for the 1.3 Mjet Lounge. But for our money we’d opt for the 500C Pop and throw in Fiat’s Blue&Me info system, together with eco-drive and have a cheap car with the necessary toys. But of course, we may well change our mind once we get to play.

But we’d love to see a Fiat Abarth Convertible. How about it, Mr Fiat?

By Cars UK