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Fiat Photo Bombs VW on Google Street View

Wed, 16 May 2012

Fiat Photo Bombs VW

Fiat has managed to park a Fiat 500 right outside VW’s Swedish HQ just as Google Street View cameras pass by.

Regular readers may remember Top Gear’s Stig turning up on Google Street View a few years ago as the PR team at the BBC managed to park his Stigness in front of various landmarks just as Google’s Street View cameras passed by.

That little trick seems to have inspired Fiat in Sweden (although Fiat aren’t publicly admitting it) to do something similar and, to be honest, much more amusing.

Either by serendipity or inside knowledge, a Fiat 500 has been parked almost in the lobby of VW’s Swedish HQ at Södertälje just as the Street View cameras passed by, recording for posterity a nice red Fiat 5-00 sitting just under the sign that says ‘Volkswagen’.

Going off the regular update cycle for Google’s Street Views, it seems likely VW in Sweden will have to live with a Fiat 500 parked outside their HQ for the best part of the next year.

Someone at Fiat PR must be laughing their socks off. But we’re not sure the Germans will see the joke.

Source: (via Jalopnik)

By Cars UK