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First Fisker Karma in the UK auctioned for £140k

Thu, 13 Oct 2011

First Fisker Karma in the UK auctioned for charity

The extended range Fisker Karma arrived at last year’s Paris motor show, and now the very first Karma to arrive in the UK has been auctioned in aid of charity and raised a bid of £140,000 at the Pratham UK Gala held at Camden’s Roundhouse.

The altruism demonstrated by offering appealing cars for charity auctions is to be commended, especially from a young - and relatively impoverished - outfit like Henrik Fisker’s eponymous company. Yes, there’s a bit of publicity to be garnered for the Karma, but good on Henrik for offering up the first Karma to charity.

At £140k, the unidentified buyer of the first Karma Fisker to arrive in the UK has paid twice what the car is worth, but he (or she) is also getting an impressive car in the process.

The Karma is a good-looking car, penned by Henrik Fisker who is an ex Aston Martin guy, and comes with all the accoutrements of eco-green-ness modern technology can command.

The Karma has a pair of electric motors delivering over 400bhp and the very sensible route of a 2.0 litre turbo engine to act as a generator for the batteries so the Karma can be used just the same as an ICE car.

But because its principal propulsion is by battery power to the electric motors, it arrives with the usual barking mad official figures for CO2 and economy and gets free VED, no congestion charge, is eligible for the £5k eco-car subsidy and – perhaps a big plus for the anonymous buyer – is eligible for 100% writing down allowance.

But none of that really matters here; the Karma raised £140k to help a worthwhile charity in India educate schoolchildren.

Although it probably won’t be long before we start seeing charity auctions in India to raise funds to educate British children, the way things are going.

By Cars UK