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For 1.4 gallons, Nissan sends Juke owners $400 and an apology

Thu, 19 May 2011

Nissan Motor Co. has notified some Juke owners that if they are unhappy about a goof in the car's marketing material, Nissan will buy it back from them.

Materials for some all-wheel-drive Juke models mistakenly said the crossover's fuel tank contains 13.2 gallons, the same as the front-wheel-drive version. However, the AWD version fuel tank holds only 11.8 gallons.

Nissan has sent affected owners letters to point out the printing mistake, including a check for $400 and an apology.

If owners are still unhappy about the mistake, Nissan either will buy the Juke back from them, minus depreciation, or apply the repurchase value to the purchase of a new vehicle, Nissan said in the letter.

"Your vehicle was built correctly and as designed," Kevin Martin, head of of customer satisfaction, said in the letter sent in early April. "Nissan sincerely regrets this error and would like to demonstrate how important your satisfaction is to us."

Now owners of the AWD Jukes have to decide whether to cash the check or ask for a new vehicle. If they cash the check and later decide they want a replacement, Nissan will subtract $400 from what it pays the owner to buy the Juke back.

Nissan officials have been on a campaign to improve the automaker's customer satisfaction levels.

"We hope this action will reinforce your faith in our product," Martin's letter says.

"While fuel tank capacity may not have been a factor in your purchase decision, Nissan sincerely regrets this error," it says.

So far this year, Nissan has sold 13,449 Jukes in the United States.

About 4,000 Juke models had the misprinted specs, Nissan spokesman Colin Price said. All affected owners are receiving the letter and the check.

By Lindsay Chappell- Automotive News