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Ford ECOnetic Vans launched

Thu, 23 Apr 2009

The Ford Transit ECOnetic brings green option for White Van Man.


The whole ‘Green’ thing is now finding its way in to mainstream commercial vehicles (which is a very good place for it to be), and that move is now given huge impetus by Ford, with their announcement today that they are launching ECOnetic versions of both the Transit and the Fiesta Van.

We wrote about the Fiesta Van a while ago when Ford announced the Fiesta SportVan, and said then what a great little van it was. But this announcement of the Ford Fiesta Van ECOnetic means you can get 80% of the fun of the SportVan, but keep much needed pennies in the business.

When we drove the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic a couple of months ago, we were impressed with what a good job Ford had done by making the ECOnetic noticeably more economical whilst still maintaining the fun element, and a fair wodge of performance in the process, True, as with all ECO cars, the truth is you won’t get the headline economy returns if you cane it, but at least you have the choice of economy or fun. But for most business users economy is the name of the game most of the time, and this ECOnetic version will make great sense for a huge number of business users.

The Ford Transit ECOnetic should prove to be a big seller, and result in some pretty decent savings for ‘White Van Man’. Based on the Transit 280 with SWB and the 2.2 engine, the new Transit ECOnetic aims to do over 39mpg, with emissions of 189g/km.

I’m all for cutting pollution (which is not the same as emissions!), and tackling commercial vehicles on the ECO front is a good way to go. Well done, Ford.

By Cars UK