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Ford Fiesta Crossover coming

Thu, 02 Sep 2010

The Ford Fiesta Crossover out playing

The car landscape never stands still, and as new flavours of car become fashionable every mass car maker does their best to jump on the bandwagon with a model designed to suit the zeitgeist. What’s the current zeitgeist? The crossover, that melding of every style of car you can think of – hatch/SUV/estate – designed to suit a modern lifestyle (or so the sales pitch usually goes).

And crossovers are starting to make a real impact. Nissan has had huge success with the Qashqai, which has made a Qashsqai-sized dent in car sales from more traditional cars in its sector, and Nissan looks set to match the Qashqai’s success with the Juke.

Other mainstream car makers are responding with their own offerings, the most successful of which we think is the excellent Peugeot 3008. And now it looks as if Ford is preparing a crossover of its own to drop in to competition with the Juke – the Ford Fiesta Crossover.

We’d like to think that Ford are well advanced with the Fiesta Crossover, ready to take on the Juke and the new MINI Countryman, but we really don’t know. When the Fiesta Crossover does arrive we’re sure it will come with the current crop of engine options the Fiesta does, but perhaps it will also come with an AWD option.

Sounds an odd idea, a high-riding Fiesta. But with the current fad for higher-riding cars showing no sign of waning this is a very sensible move by Ford. The Ford Fiesta is one of – if not the – best cars in its sector and a great basis for a compact crossover.

Fiesta CrossCountry?

By Cars UK