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Ford Focus ST & Fiesta ST get official power upgrades

Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Ford Focus ST & Fiesta ST (pictured) get Mountune power upgrades

There’a a big after-market for tuning cars to deliver more power without wrecking economy or reliability, so it makes sense for car makers to get in on the act if they can. So Ford have teamed up again with Mountune (just as they did a few years ago to offer you 345bhp in your Focus RS) to offer performance upgrades for both the latest Focus ST and the Fiesta ST.

The tuning package for the Focus ST boosts power to 271bhp – up from the stock power of 246bhp – and the 0-62mph time drops to under 6 seconds, half a second quicker than the normally tuned car.

The Focus ST Mountune upgrade also adds in a cast alloy induct duct, high-flow air filter and larger alloy aircooler as well as the brain tweaks and costs £1225 if you want the extras in silver and £1275 in black.

The makeover for the Fiesta ST is a little less comprehensive – it’s really just an ECU tweak – but it does increase peak power (where you need to lift off regularly to keep it on the limit) to 212bhp and drops the 0-62mph sprint to 6.7 seconds (6.9s on the standard Fiesta ST).

All the work can be carried out by any of Ford’s Mountune dealers in an hour for the Fiesta ST and 90 minutes for the Focus ST and your warranty will still be valid.

It’s a decent offer if you want more power, more torque and better performance and want to stay inside the Ford dealer network and warranty.

But if you’re not overly bothered by that you can get similar results from someone like Superchips who will give your Focus ST 297bhp for just £455.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

By Cars UK