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Ford Focus ST is dead – bring on the 2011 Ford Focus ST

Sat, 21 Aug 2010

The Ford Focus ST

Yes, Ford’s Championship League hot Focus – the Ford Focus ST - falls foul of Euro 5 emissions which come in to force in January, so it joins cars like the Civic Type R and the Mazda RX-8 in being confined to the history book of motoring with its 5-pot 2.5 litre lump – which also did sterling service in the Focus RS and the Focus RS500 - failing to keep up with the regulator’s pen.

Bur fear not, although you’ll have to wait probably until 2012 (or at least late in to 2011) to get a look at the 2012 Focus RS, the 2011 Ford Focus ST will be here even before the last rites have been read for the current ST; the new 2011 Focus ST bows in at Paris in just over a month’s time.

By all accounts the 2011 Focus ST is going to come equipped with performance comparable to the current RS rather than the current ST. That power will come from Ford’s latest Ecoboost engine – which has recently found its way in to other Fords – but will have its oily bits tweaked to produce somewhere around 250bhp which, with all the improvements the 2011 Focus offers, should see a 6 second 0-60mph and improved fuel economy.

Yes, sad to see the old ST bite the dust. But the new 2011 Focus ST looks like it will offer our favourite recipe of more power and better performance together with lower emissions and better economy.

Sound good to us.

By Cars UK