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Ford Focus sells 1,500,000 in the UK

Wed, 09 May 2012

Ford Focus - 1,500,000 sold in the UK

Ford has revealed that the 1,500,000th Ford Focus has rolled out since its launch in 1998 heading for Essex cricketer Jaik Mickleburgh.

The Ford Focus has been something of a phenomenon for Ford in the UK and has now racked up sales of 1,500,000 in the UK since it hit UK roads back in 1998.

Ford are shouting about the Focus’s achievements – quite rightly – and have sent the landmark Focus to Essex cricketer Jaik Mickleburgh, no doubt as part of Ford’s ongoing sponsorship of Essex cricket.

For has also revealed that the new 1.0 litre EcoBoost Focus has accounted for 17 per cent of all Focus sales on its first month on sale, a cracking performance for a car that could easily have been perceived by buyers as a downsizing too far.

But the truth with the new 3-pot EcoBoost is that unless you do big mileage it’s a much better bet than a diesel Focus. It’s lively to drive – yes, really – and it’s nice to have the linearity of a petrol instead of the on-off of a diesel. It will also, if you’re careful, manage over 50mpg.

The latest Focus may not be head and shoulders above the competition in the way previous iterations were, but it’s still a good car and in 3-pot guise surprisingly fun.

By Cars UK