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Ford tests electric-vehicle sounds on Facebook

Mon, 11 Jul 2011

Sure, if it were up to us, every car would sound like a Lamborghini Aventador or a McLaren Formula One race car. And while those specific options aren't available (yet),Ford is using its Facebook page to let fans vote on sounds to be made by the electric Focus.

Since EVs are so quiet, Ford needs to give the Focus electric some sound for safety's sake--to draw the attention of people who are blind people, those using cell phones or iPods and even for animals. It is not currently mandated that all electric cars make a sound, but lawmakers are in talks to do just that. Ford is likely looking ahead so it won't be unprepared later.

The four choices are similar, with one definitely sounding like a regular car. The other three have sort of a spaceship vibe. Ford claims these sounds are just examples to help it hone in on a pleasing sound that still serves the purpose.

Ford seems to have some traction, considering that almost 300 fans have voted. The company doesn't have a tally yet, but "D" and "B" seem to be front-runners. B sounds the most like an internal-combustion engine while D sounds more like a jet taking off.

Ford plans to keep the voting open until at least the end of the month. Check out the examples and see which one you like best. We're writing in our vote.

By Jake Lingeman