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Free MOTs for life for Audi owners

Mon, 09 Jun 2014

In what can only be a bid to boost the use of official Audiservice centres, the German premium car brand is offering free MOTs for life on any age of Audi if the current owner pays to have the cam belt changed.

Audi free MOTs for life: what’s the saving and what’s the catch?

The complimentary MOT offer effectively represents an annual saving of £49.99 (the current cost of an MOT), as long as you have the cam belt work carried out by an Audi Centre or Authorised Audi Repairer.

Audi free MOTs for life: which Audi cars are eligible?

Literally all privately owned Audi models of any age are eligible for the offer, and the free MOTs are entirely transferable to subsequent owners for the life of the vehicle. Which means even the Ashes to Ashes Quattrocan benefit.

Audi free MOTs for life: why is changing the cam belt important?

All privately owned Audis of any age are eligible for the free MOT offer

Changing the cam belt on time – and for most Audis that means at a scheduled service interval or once every five years – is vitally important for the longevity of the engine. Should a cam belt snap while the car is running, the internal engine damage will likely be extensive, so it’s hard to disapprove of this promotion.

Audi free MOTs for life: how much does a cam belt change cost?

Replacement is far from the least expensive job you’ll ever have carried out on your car, but it will be cheaper than a full engine rebuild – and Audi does at least offer the service at a fixed price cost.

Currently, that price is £449 for engines up to 2.0-litres in capacity, and £599 for engines over 2.0-litre capacity – although this does exclude high performance RS models.

Audi free MOTs for life: other services, more information

For added peace of mind, Audi also offers an Audi Camvideo service, which allows the service technician (aka mechanic) to send you video clips of any other problem areas on the car that become apparent while it’s being worked on.

More details on the unlimited free MOT offer with every cam belt change are available from your local Audi Centre.

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By CJ Hubbard, Motoring Research