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Geneva motor show: Autoweek editors' picks

Wed, 05 Mar 2014

From the wildest, most absurd supercars only a few oligarch gazillionaires will ever own to dinky econohaulers giving mobility to whole populations, Geneva had it all. We ogled everything from McLarens and Maseratis to Twingos and Tatas.

If in fact Europe is still struggling in some ways to recover from the recession, it sure didn't look that way at the Geneva motor show: The Swiss show was out of neutral and had the hammer down. Here are our Editor's Picks.

Most Fun: Jeep Renegade

The new Jeep Renegade promises to be a ton of fun, particularly the Trailhawk model that should have some actual off-roading chops.

The new baby Jeep, aka Renegade, takes home the win for most fun at Geneva; really, how could it not? With actual 4WD capability, an available stick shift transmission and looks that resemble a Kia Soul-Suzuki Samurai love child, the Renegade is going to sell in droves to city dwellers and sorority girls coast to coast.

Others considered: Lamborghini Hurac

By Autoweek editors