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Genty Akylone: A 1000bhp French Supercar Revealed

Mon, 17 Oct 2011

Genty Akylone - a 1000bhp French Supercar

The greatest Supercar in recent years hails from France, and with production of the Veyron coming to a close it looked as though France may lose its mantle of producer of the world’s fastest car to the Americans. But Genty automotive may have put paid to that with the reveal of the 1000bhp Genty Akylone.

The Genty Akolyne is a rather generic-looking supercar, but one that promises incredible performance.

Powered by a mid-engined 4.8 litre V8 with a pair of turbos, the Akylone produces 1000bhp, 885lb/ft of torque at 3000 rpm and promises 0-62mph in 2.7 seconds – the equal of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

But it’s not just the power on offer – and the torque – which impresses, but the power to weight ratio achieved by a weight of just 1100kg.

The blurb from Gently Automotive is typically Gallic:

As a tribute to beauty and performance AKYLONE represents the ultimate expression of pleasure and automotive passion. Thanks to its graceful shape and outstanding finish AKYLONE symbolizes the values of the prestigious French craftsmanship industry.

AKYLONE embodies the subtle alchemy between pure performance and emotion that can only be conveyed by a work of art. There will be a limited series of fifteen units.

But between the prose lies the promise of a supercar that can match the best on offer. Its top speed of 220mph may not be up there with the Veyron and SSC Tuatara, but its acceleration of 2.7 seconds to 62mph and 0-124mph of 7.2 seconds are about as good as it gets.

Genty plan on making just 15 Akylones and are planning on showing the Akylone at the Paris Motor Show in 2012.

We have no price information – but it won’t be cheap.

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