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Google boss says Mercedes has ‘Magical Software’

Sat, 10 Sep 2011

Google's Vic Gundotra praises the Mercedes S-Class

The common perception is that everyone at Google drives a Prius or an EV or has no interest in anything as last century as personal transport.

Google has a fleet of eco-cars – plug-in Evs and range extenders – for employees’ use and runs a biodiesel shuttle for ‘Googlers’ to get to work. It’s also been busy building recharging points in and around its home in Mountain view.

All very noble – and all very Google – but it’s great to learn that at least some of Google’s management still appreciate the joys of a very good car. Like the Mercedes S-Class.

Google senior VP Vic Gundotra – the man behind Google+ – drives a Mercedes S-Class – an S63, no less – and had something of a ‘moment’ recently when he was distracted and didn’t see the traffic in front of him come to a halt.

Fortunately for Vic, his S-Class has a raft of impressive electronic nannies at its disposal, realised Vic was off with the fairies and slammed on the brakes, thus avoiding an unpleasant coming-together.

So impressed was Vic he dropped a note to Mercedes, thanking them and praising their ‘Magical Software’ for saving his bacon. Which Mercedes, understandably, wanted to make the most of. After all, praise about ‘Magical Software’ from a senior Google VP is marketing magic in itself.

So they persuaded Vic to be a talking-head on a promo video for the very clever tech in the Mercedes S-Class, which you can see below. And it’s good to know Vic didn’t take a penny for his contribution to Mercedes marketing efforts.

Although we hope Mercedes made a suitable contribution to Vic’s favourite charity in lieu of a fee.

Source:  Advertising Age (via Autoblog)

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