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Gumpert Apollo Speed lands at Geneva

Thu, 05 Mar 2009

I have to admit, the Gumpert Apollo is not exactly the most subtle of cars. Or the prettiest. But it probably explodes more ferociously (or at least it feels more ferocious) than just about anything on the road. But just in case the standard Gumpert Apollo isn’t mad enough for you, Gumpert also offers the Apollo S and the Apollo R. But just in case that’s still not enough for you, Gumpert has launched the ultimate Apollo – The Gumpert Apollo Speed.

Gumpert Apollo Speed at Geneva 2009

In case you don’t know, Roland Gumpert is the man behind the Apollo. An ex-Audi man, he was responsible for the devastatingly effective Quattro cars Audi built and designed in the eighties. And it is that relationship with Audi that has enabled him to produce the extreme Gumpert Apollo, which uses a very powerful Audi sourced lump for its phenomenal power.

Best described as a road-legal Le Mans car, the new Gumpert Apollo Speed get even bigger, flared wheel arches, revised air-intakes,a new front splitter and a very Bugatti-esque two-tone paint job.

But it’s the power of the Apollo that hits you whenever you drive one. I only have experience on the standard car, but that feels like an exposion happening around you when you drive it with any sort of vigour. But the new Speed has an enormous 800bhp (and only weighs around 1200kg) so its performance must feel like a nuclear explosion. 0-60mph comes up in 2.9 seconds, and on to a top speed of 224mph.

Ugly? Yes. Brutish? Yes. Politicall incorrect? Yes. But you’ll never have more extreme sensations in a road car in your life!

By Cars UK