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Gumpert Tornante by TOURING: It’s a good-looking Gumpert

Fri, 11 Feb 2011

The The Gumpert Tornante by TOURING (click for full image)

There’s lot’s you can see about a Gumpert. Awesome performance and race car handling in a car that’s road-legal is a start.

But one thing no one has ever said about the Gumpert Apollo is ‘My, that’s a good-looking car’. For the Gumpert Apollo has looks that only a mother could love. And then only a mother who’s -9 in both eyes.

But it looks like the new Gumpert Tornante - officially, the Gumpert Tornante by TOURING – is about to change how we look at Gumperts. Or didn’t, until now, unless we had to. And then preferably from inside looking out.

We had the tease on the Gumpert Tornante a couple of weeks back, and if the first image we have (at the top – click it for a full-size version) is anything to go by, the Tornante is really rather fetching. Yes, it looks perhaps a bit supercar-generic mixed with a small amount of Gumpert DNA, but it looks quite good. Relatively speaking, it looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Blend what appear to be potentially stunning looks with a 690bhp, 4.2 litre turbo lump from Audi and ‘…composite body panels over a light chrome-molybdenum steel space frame with carbon fiber monocoque’, and you have a very appealing mix.

We’ll put the good looks down to Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, who’ve designed the Gumpert Tornante by TOURING (we think there might be a clue in the name). But we’ll put the power and likely performance down to Roland Gumpert.

Explosive potential, we conclude. More at Geneva.

By Cars UK