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Gumpert tease two debuts for Geneva 2012

Sun, 26 Feb 2012

Gumpert are teasing two new cars for Geneva 2012

Gumpert has revealed they are heading to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show with two debuts. One should be a production version of the Gumpert Tornante.

Back in November we reported that Gumpert were teasing a new car debut for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, which we concluded (or hoped) would be a production version of the  Gumpert Tornante by TOURING we saw at the Geneva show in 2011.

But now Gumpert are saying that they will debut two new cars at Geneva, which must mean the financial injection Gumpert got from Asian investors in 2012 is starting to filter through to a proper renaissance for Roland Gumpert’s operation.

Gumpert’s cars to date have been all about performance rather than looks, with cars like the Gumpert Apollo not being the most aesthetically pleasing, but having enormous grunt thanks to Roaland Gumnpert’s ability to make the Audi lumps he uses deliver the sort of performance and power they were never really designed to do.

When we saw TOURING’s Tornante Gumpert in 2012 it was said to deliver 700bhp from its 4.2 Audi V8, but the word at the time was that Roland Gumpert would deliver a production car with more power, so it will be interesting to see if Gumpert can deliver a production Tornante with anything like the performance of the Gumpert Apollo Speed, which can hit 60mph in 2.9 seconds and on to 224mph.

So best guess for Geneva is the production Tornante, but what else has Roland Gumpert got in store?

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