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Half of Brits would name drink driver

Tue, 24 Dec 2013

NEARLY HALF (47%) of people in the UK would willingly report a drink driver, even of that person was a family member. Of those who would report a family member, half again (48%) said they would do it even if it was their partner, husband or wife.

The research by insurance firm also found that 17% of drivers believe there should be a complete ban on drinking and driving.

In December 2012, the police caught more than 4424 drink drivers despite a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking alcohol and then driving.

Gemma Stanbury, Head of Motor Insurance at, said: ‘We want passengers to turn down lifts from friends or family members who have been drinking and urge anyone who sees someone get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol to report it to the police. By passing information regarding drink drivers on to the police, members of the public could well prevent a family experiencing tragedy this Christmas, as well as leading to irresponsible motorists being brought before the courts.

‘It’s a positive sign that so many Brits would act responsibly and inform the police if they believed someone was going to pose a risk to themselves and others by drink driving. The key to enjoying the festive season is to plan ahead and don't drive if you are not within the legal alcohol limits.’

By Press Association reporters