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Help Carr Magazine produce its next issue with Kickstarter

Wed, 05 Jun 2013

Carr Magazine, the insider publication for the car design community, is reaching out via its Kickstarter campaign to fund its fifth issue. Carr has always prided itself on ad-free pages and continual focus on the future of car design but to do this needs some help from its readers as the team looks to improve its circulation and bolster content.

Their previous methods of content collection, publication and distribution have occasionally been hampered by purposefully small team but with this campaign they are aiming to produce more of the same quality content and distribute it faster and more efficiently to their truly global audience.

You can see a video explaining the magazine – which includes exclusive, poster-sized renders – on its Kickstarter page. You should also check out its great Sketchsite if you have some time to kill or brain cells to stimulate.

As with all Kickstarter projects there are various levels on contribution with matching levels of compensation:

– $1-19 gets a thank-you tweet.

– $20-149  pre-orders a copy of issue 5 (with additional costs for shipping based on region, to be delivered in September 2013).

– $150-349 gets 10 magazines (aimed at store owners) as well as the store name mentioned on their website and a mention on the contributor page of the magazine.

– $350 and above gets you a magazine, a website shout-out, vinyl stickers, and a printed artwork by the artist of your choice, mounted on aluminum and sealed under an acrylic resin layer.

The window for pledging runs through 26 June and their ultimate goal is $9,900. At time of writing there are 18 backers and they have received $537. As per the rules of Kickstarter, you will not be charged until after the final submission date, and only if they reach their target.

Editor-in-Chief Jan Kirsten Beiner explains the limitations of their small-but-focused staff and told CDN: “The last issues we put the copies simply in our garage, and sent them out to our readers in Japan, Bangladesh, the US and around the world one by one. Which was quite a mess.”

Jan and his cohorts (Publisher Marek Simko, Art Director Daniel Peitsch, and photographer Roderick Aichinger) “believe in our small community of car enthusiasts.” They also believe that the time has come to reach out via crowd funding to adjust and expand their operation in order to bring their content to more studios and dorm-room walls around the globe.

An important resource for automotive design is looking to broaden its reach around the world and they need your help to do it.

By Peter Lachance