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Hispano Suiza V10 Supercharged (2010) at Geneva motor show

Mon, 08 Mar 2010

This is the Hispano Suiza V10 Supercharged, a coachbuilt version of the R8 V10 with a twin-supercharged engine.

That’s because the Hispano Suiza has a completely new carbonfibre body, but you can’t ignore the power outputs either. Two electrically powered superchargers boost the 5.2-litre V10’s outputs from 518bhp and 391lb ft to 739bhp and 516lb ft. The top speed climbs eight notches to 205mph and the 62mph sprint time is down five-tenths to 3.4secs, but it’ll be the in-gear times that impress more. 

Carbon ceramic brakes are also standard, and there’s the choice of Audi’s six-speed manual gearbox or the automated manual. It's still four-wheel drive too, and the carbon body helps cut 30kg.

Hispano Suiza plans to build 20-25 each year from its base in Switzerland and sell each one for £635k – a regular R8 V10 costs £103,265. A convertible version, based on the forthcoming R8 Spyder, follows in 2011.

That’s not the most far-fetched part though. Hispano Suiza is also working on a hybrid version that uses the same twin supercharged V10 to provide the petrol power, but with a 110kW electric motor too. It will (apparently) help boost power to near 900bhp, but when running on electric power alone it means your R8 will be front-wheel drive. That’s if it ever happens, of course.

By Ben Pulman