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Honda CR-Z Hybrid – the promo video

Fri, 16 Apr 2010

Honda has released a promo video (below) for the Honda CR-Z

Last month we got the specs and prices for the UK Honda CR-Z Hybrid, Honda’s modern hybrid take on the CR-X – they want us to believe. So having given us the buy price – it starts at £17k – and the specification – the basic gets Climate ,  CD player, heated door mirrors, rear dimming mirror, electric windows, daytime running lights and Shift Indicator Light (SIL) – it’s now time to get the marketing underway.

Despite feeling that Honda are barking up the wrong tree by trying to make an underpowered hybrid powertrain seem an appealingly sporty prospect, we have to admire their wish to do so. At least they’re trying to inject a bit of fun and control with a half-decent looking car – a rarity amongst small hybrids – and a manual gearbox with proper ratios, so at least it feels like you’re driving.

But they seem to have made a poor choice on the marketing front if this promo video they’ve sent us is anything to go by. It’s full of too much smoke, far to many lazers and looks as if someone has grabbed a bag full of ’90s video effects and thrown them at this frankly amateurish video.

Or maybe it’s just us being churlish.

By Cars UK