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Honda EV Concept and Plug-in Hybrid Platform at Geneva

Fri, 11 Feb 2011

Honda EV Concept - the 2012 Honda Fit EV

Honda are of the opinion that electric cars and hybrids are at best a short or medium option to move away from our dependence on oil. As are we.

A dependence we would – despite may commentators accusing us otherwise – love to see banished to the annals. Honda see hydrogen fuel cells as the real future. As do we.

But Honda are pragmatists – they see the Zeitgeist. A Zeitgeist that may be coming less clear rather than more, but a Zeitgeist that nevertheless has a leaning to economy and hybrids. And – until the reality dawns they’re useless out of town and/or Governments start to tax their ‘fuel’ – electric cars.

So Honda are planning to push on with their pragmatic Hybrid and EV plans and have something of a show to put on at Geneva. They plan to show the Honda EV Concept, which is a big pointer for the Honda Fit EV (that’s Honda Jazz, to us) and which will hit the market in Japan and the US next year.

The Fit EV gets rated with 100 mile range (which would be more like 65 miles using Euro standards) and will come with a choice of three driving modes, just like the CR-Z (or most Toyota Hybrids, for that matter). It will also get the usual irritating info to help the driver maximise range. Oh, joy.

Also on show will be Honda’s new plug-in hybrid platform featuring a pair of motors and the option to drive pure EV, ICE only or the full works.

But it’s all just stop-gap Electrickery.

By Cars UK