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Honda Jazz / Honda Fit recall – faulty electric window switch

Sat, 30 Jan 2010

Honda is recalling the Jazz/Fit to replace faulty electric window switches

It’s not exactly on the scale of the Toyota recall for a sticking throttle, but nevertheless the announcement by Honda that they are recalling almost 650,000 (MY 2002-2008) Honda Fits (that’s the Honda Jazz in the UK) around the world is another blow to a Japanese car maker just as the worst of the auto industry woes of the last year or two seem to be easing.

The European Honda Jazz recall seems only to affect RHD cars, so it looks like it’s just the UK that needs a fix to the master window switch on the driver’s door on 171,00 models here. If the window gets left open for long periods – or if there are long periods of heavy rain – water can get in to the switch and cause it to malfunction and, at worst, catch fire.

There have only been three cases so far of the switch actually catching fire – one in South Africa which caused a fatality (but under very odd circumstances) and two in the US – but it’s still a cause for concern and is going to do the Japanese reputation for well-built cars no good at all.

The fix requires either a new switch or the fitment of a waterproof skirt round the master switch to stop the possible ingress of water. Honda are saying that they are contacting owners of the Jazz / Fit to arrange for the work to be carried out. But if you’re concerned we’d suggest calling Honda’s Customer Care on 0845 200 8000, or if you’re in the US the number is 1-800-999-1009.

By Cars UK