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Honda Jazz Si launches

Thu, 25 Mar 2010

Honda has launched the Honda Jazz Si

Before you get too excited at the prospect of the able Honda Jazz getting some extra oomph – don’t. We’re still in the fluffy-bunny era so this Honda Jazz Si gives a lie to the name by offering not one dot of extra performance. Just the look of extra performance. The headline of the press release probably says it all – ‘SPORTY-LOOK HIGH-SPEC JAZZ Si LAUNCHED’. Oh, well.

What’s really quite irritating is that Honda have taken the ‘Sporty-Look’ bit entirely literally and haven’t even had a play with the suspension. Nothing. Not a bit of lowering, no stiffer springs. Nothing. Not the smallest of tweaks. All you get from this re-badged Jazz is a set of decent-looking 16″ alloys, a chrome ‘Sports’ grill at the front and a spoiler at the back with an ‘Si’ badge on the boot. The interior Si refinements are even more paltry – you get ‘Si’ stitched in to the floor mats and an ‘Si’ logo on the glovebox.

And what do the wheels, spoiler and badges cost? If you opt for the Jazz 1.2-litre Si  it’ll be £12,835 and if you go berserk and stump up for the Jazz 1.4-litre Si  it’ll be £13,510. That’s £870 over the 1.2 SE and 1.4 ES models on which the Si is based, and Honda say you’re getting £2,000 worth of goodies. So if you’re up for the fake Si Honda think it’s a bargain, and on sale from 1st April.

If you factor in the kudos of the ‘Si’ badging, all we can say is that we thing the idea of a Honda Jazz Si with no extra power, performance or handling is best described as ‘Priceless’.

By Cars UK