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Honda confirms 'mobile desk chair'

Thu, 14 Nov 2013

HONDA has announced details for a new version of its existing Uni-Cub ‘personal mobility solution’ – essentially a powered office chair.

The Uni-Cub β is a development of the initial concept that appeared in 2012 as a bizarre solution to mobility around typical office-based work environments, although it would seem that no one at Honda had considered that humans have legs for that.

It uses an omni-directional driving wheel system derived from Honda’s research into humanoid robots like the well-known ASIMO, allowing it to move in any direction according to the weight shifts of its user.

The ‘rider’ tilts their body weight and the Uni-Cub β will scoot gently off on that course, and it’s now both smaller and lighter than the initial concept.

Honda is now set to test the ‘business feasibility’ of the device by offering it to companies for a preferential leasing rate.

How many companies will be willing to ignore their employees’ generally cost-effective ability to walk in favour of the Uni-Cub β remains to be seen.

By Press Association reporter