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Honda set to debut S660 roadster concept at Tokyo motor show

Wed, 23 Oct 2013

Honda will take the wraps off the S660 roadster concept at the upcoming Tokyo motor show at the end of November of this year. Honda fans have admittedly been shortchanged when it comes to the roadster bodystyle from the Japanese automaker, with the S2000 having left production back in 2009. Honda could remedy this gap in its lineup with a production version of the S660 roadster.

The size of the car is a bit hard to get a sense for, but it does appear that it'll be quite short, squarely in Kei-car territory. Honda isn't saying much about the upcoming concept, though its name does suggest that it might use a 660cc engine -- which just so happens to be the largest displacement that complies with Kei-car regulations. Rumors suggest that it will debut in the Japanese market in 2014, and that it would not initially appear in the U.S. market, if at all.

How close will the concept be to production? The rendered image suggest that the S660, as it appears, is not too far away from production form. There is nothing particularly implausible about its appearance (aside from its size, which may be just barely larger than the footprint of a Smart), down to the integrated bumpers, headlights, and mirrors. About the only thing missing in the rendered images are door handles, and we have to point out that a U.S. or Japanese-spec license plate doesn't really have a good place to sit.

It is also worth pointing out that Honda has shown a similarly style EV-STER concept at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. That electric car concept that has not resulted in a production vehicle; two years later, Honda seems to be re-examining this particular design for a conventional gas-powered automobile for various markets.

Would you be interested in trying a small Honda roadster?

By Jay Ramey